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Malcolm Ethridge is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, speaker, blogger, and self-proclaimed personal finance nerd. His areas of expertise include retirement planning, investments, tax planning, insurance, equity compensation, and other executive benefits. He leverages that expertise to help senior managers and executives in tech make sense of some of the most complex financial situations that working professionals tend to face.

2. Is Now the Time for Crypto with Samson Williams

Everyone is saying now is the time to buy cryptocurrency. Is it something you should invest in? In this episode, Malcolm is joined by Samson Williams, a professor and world renowned speaker on FinTech, Blockchain, and cryptocurrency.

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Episode 1 – Meet Your Tech Money Podcast host Malcolm Ethridge

Welcome to the Tech Money Podcast, where all things tech and personal finance collide In this premiere episode, Malcolm Ethridge kicks off his podcast by sharing how he got into financial services and who he enjoys working with.

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