68. Using Technology to Make Estate Planning More Accessible with Martha Underwood

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The process of assets changing hands from one generation to the next within a family is what we mean when we use the term “generational wealth.” But in actuality, the next generation may not be equipped to manage the money they inherit. However, it is also true that family wealth can be diluted as it is divided amongst children and other heirs, especially if each has a different stance on how to invest or manage their individual finances. And to make matters worse, if the proper legal documentation and instructions are not in place, it can be difficult for families to protect what they’ve worked so hard for.

That’s why estate planning is so important. It provides a mechanism for transferring assets from one generation to another without costly tax implications or legal complications. By establishing an estate plan, individuals can provide clear instructions of how to divide their assets and ensure that their wishes are carried out in the end. This can help ease both the emotional and the financial burden, and create much-needed peace of mind for all parties involved.

In this episode, Malcolm Ethridge sits down with Martha Underwood, co-founder and CEO of Prismm, a company leveraging technology to ensure wealth transfers appropriately at the end of a life. They discuss the ways in which Martha is leveraging her 25 years of experience in technology to develop products and services that help people manage the tedious administrative tasks that require attention when a loved one passes away.

Martha Underwood discusses: 

  • Why estate planning is such a difficult conversation for families to have
  • How to develop your own estate planning checklist and how often you should update it
  • Ways that technology is helping to facilitate difficult conversations among family members
  • Why it is vital to have life’s most important documents available right at the moment when you need them most

Connect With Martha:

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About Our Guest:

From IBM in Florida to Silicon Valley and now Birmingham, Alabama, Martha has built a storied career in the software technology industry. Her accomplishments include building enterprise solutions for insurance carriers, working on the earliest iterations of healthcare patient portals, and positioning startups for acquisition by designing business models and optimizing product offerings.

Martha currently serves as the CEO of Prismm, a company dedicated to leveraging technology to ensure wealth transfer at the end of life. Her focus is on taking a creative and innovative approach to handling documents and assets using best-in-class digital practices. With more than 25 years of experience, Martha is putting her enthusiastic passion for technology to work developing products and services to help people manage the often daunting affairs and tedious administrative tasks that require attention when a loved one transitions this life.


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