24. Founding a Tech Company with a Background as a Marketer with Hassan Riggs

When you think of the founder of a tech company, your mind tends to immediately picture an engineer in a hoodie hunched over a laptop coding into the wee hours of the night. But for the founders of some of the largest tech companies that you know and l…

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23. The Gender Pay Gap Around Equity Compensation with Brooke Harley

According to a study by Rutgers Institute, 24% of male employees hold employer stock options while only 17% of female employees do.  Looking at it from a dollars and cents perspective, in 2018, the average value of a stock option for a male employee wa…

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5. From Employee to Employer with Calvin Williams

Some say entrepreneurship is the new job security. We aim to explore what entrepreneurship looks like first hand and what it takes to be successful. In this episode, Malcolm is joined by Calvin Williams, CEO of Freeman Capital,

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